Since the list membership, by and large, cannot seem to adhere to our
quoting guidelines (edited, quoted material FIRST, new material LAST), and
because your list admins do not have the time to reject, explain, and then
field irate responses to such editorial processes any longer, we're
relaxing the policy.

Quote however you like.

We reserve the right to reject one-word/one-line messages with seventy-five
levels of previously quoted material, however, so do attempt to limit
quoted stuff when replying, at least. Full quoted digests will always be

Digest subscribers, we apologize if this makes the daily digests hard to
read. (See, there was a *reason* we had this policy for the list. It was
not random.) We recommend you switch to regular delivery, and filter your
messages into a single folder, and read the list mail that way. If you need
assistance changing your list settings (we regret we cannot help with
individual mail software questions), send email to:


and we'll be happy to help. But, please, do not send email to our personal
email addresses with list-related requests.

On with your Saturdays, fold something, tell us about it, etc., etc.

for the list admin gang

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