It's about time. This policy goes against the norms of email communication, and I suspect many of the guideline 'transgressors' were simply reacting to the normal practice we/they are familiar with, forgetting that the guidelines for this list is different, only to find themselves placed on the (whatever that dunce situation is called) list.

I was so penalised a few times. I do have some memory issues. I decided to stop participating in O-list discussions to avoid the hassle to get myself reinstated and to not be the source of inconvenience or irritation to anyone.


On 4/27/2019 10:56 PM, Anne LaVin wrote:
Since the list membership, by and large, cannot seem to adhere to our
quoting guidelines (edited, quoted material FIRST, new material LAST), (snip) 
relaxing the policy.

Quote however you like.

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