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>Understanding that you do not have his current contact info, did you ever need 
>to ask permissions from Mr. Sonobe in the past?

Yes ... a long time ago. His response was very positive.

>I'm not the copyright police

Nor I the copyright arbiter.

>I also notice that you mention other folders work on your site. Did you need 
>to get their permissions for mentioning them on your web page?

For mentioning, no. For posting diagrams, yes.

>Being specific, I sort of feel that since I hand drew my illustrations for my 
>Ninja Dice Game, is it good enough to credit Mr. Sonobe for being the creator 
>of the unit and cube, or do you think obtaining his permission is necessary?

I think the general consensus among origami folk is that whether it is 
necessary or not it is always good to seek permission. Apart from anything else 
it gives the creator of the design a nice warm glow when they realise other 
people are enjoying folding it. I certainly always appreciate being asked.

>As far as my submission is concerned, it could be possible to reference a 
>website for learning how to make and assemble the cubes and just submit the 
>rules for the game for the Convention Booklet.The deadline for submissions is 
>July 30.

Sounds good to me but you would probably be better to put this to the 
convention booklet editor ...


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