Hi everyone.

I tend to assess most models I see. I bet I'm not the only one. I do that
with models by others and also my own models. For example, I personally
dislike models that don't look like what they claim to be. Now, I'm not
saying everyone thinks like me nor that they should. Those kind of models
makes me think of constellations and how x set of stars represent a lion,
Pegasus, Orion the hunter, etc. I just feel it's a little too far fetched.
Sorry if I'm sounding too annoying. My point is I'm probably not the only
one that assesses other people's and my own models.

Anyway, my most recent creation is supposed to represent a common desk with
wrist cuffs attached to the top. I wanted to kinda give it the look of a
medieval torture device. I folded it from a single square and I named it
"The Mass Production of Members of Society".





I must confess I'm having trouble assessing it. I can't say if it is good
or not really. I would really value your own opinions. Can you please share
them with me? You can simply send them through the list or send them
privately to my email address: gerardo(a)neorigami.com

Thank you in advance


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