On Saturday July 6 I send a reminder of I question I had made, asking if
people liked my latest model ("The Mass Production of Members of Society")
or not and especially how so. Chila and Matt Green replied.

So I got only positive reviews. Does anyone think it isn't a good model?
I'd love to know and, if so, why. Like I mentioned, I learn a lot from this
kind of conversations and I'd say it's my first time creating a model like
this. Thank you in advance. Remember that you can send me your answer
privately to my email address if you prefer: gerardo(a)neorigami.com

Chila, thank you. You said a lot of nice things. Yes, that was my goal. I
had made this sketch first, although it didn't end up exactly like in the

Matt, I'm glad you liked it. Please tell me why =D



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