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 This is a reminder of the request I had sent you on Tuesday June 2nd.
> The following pictures are of my latest model "The mass production of
> members of society". I folded it from a single square. It's supposed to
> represent an office desk with wrist cuffs attached to the top. I pretended
> to give it a similar look to some medieval torture devices: <snip>

----- Hi, Gerardo!  I like this model. The design and folding look clever &
sophisticated, to me, anyway. I don't know what I would do with it, if I
folded it, but it looks like other interesting things could come from it.
Plus, if this is something that started with a goal, and this is the end
result, I say "Bravo!". I wouldn't mind having one for my exhibition
collection someday.
..... Best! from Chila ///

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