> From: "Gerardo @neorigami.com" <gera...@neorigami.com>
> I continue working with 30 unit kusudamas. Many of them are based on a
> common stellated icosahedron. I altered the sonobe unit in order to fold
> the following one:
> http://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1IUdkZCFFUWp8-uSERSkbO_SCDCTIg-P9

I had also discovered this plain variation of a Sonobe unit in 1998. Here's
a 90 unit construction with it:

> I was able to use five different colors in order to fold it completely
> without connecting two units of the same color together at any point of the
> kusudama. Yet, the resulting color scheme is not symmetrical at all.
> I wanted to ask you guys and gals the following: Is there a way to use five
> different color sheets in order to fold, in a symmetrical fashion, that
> particular stellated icosahedron?

That's the best color distribution you can have in a five-color scheme.
You could call it a five-way symmetry. I have an even color distribution
chart for the  Platonic Solids published in many of my modular origami
books. But I uploaded the chart here as well if there's any interest.


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