I've been occupied sewing hospital gowns and masks so I haven't really done
anything related to origami recently either.
Which library do you work in?
I had been holding the origami meetings at Gere Library.
 It makes no difference to me at all which I use.
I go and fold at all of them during International origami days in November.

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 8:18 AM Paul Hoffman <>

> I am certainly tardy in reading your post, but I appreciate you calling
> attentions to these topics and the link. As a Librarian, I am aware of the
> "Fair Use Doctrine" that permits the distribution of small parts of
> copyrighted materials under certain (and fairly codified) conditions. But
> this is still a broad (and convoluted) topic--along with the vagaries of
> Trademark and Patents--so kudos to you for calling it to our attention.
> *Note*: If you're not familiar with the "Fair Use Doctrine" it's worth a
> read, especially if you feel you may want to copy or distribute material by
> another artist/author at some point.
> If you would like a link or two, I would be happy to provide some for you.
> Best wishes and happy folding,
> *Paul S. Hoffman *(Nebraska)
> * <>
> <> *(origami) *new*
> * <> *
> (photography)
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 10:20 AM Laura R <> wrote:
>> Sometimes I feel like The New York Times is reading my mind. There are
>> articles like this one that target to my questions (no matter how many
>> times I look for information on “copyright”, “trademark”, etc.) It may not
>> prevent my forgetting of the differences (they slip from my brain after a
>> few days), but it’s helpful, anyway. For origami artists, I believe it’s
>> worth reading.

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