Dear Paul, 

Glad to know that you find it useful for your audience. Personally, I am not in 
the need of more information on this topic at the moment. I know there is a 
wealth of information out there, and especially good summaries in websites such 
as Robert Lang’s. But I will be happy to collect your links for distribution to 
our visitors to the Museum of Origami in Colonia, Uruguay, so please send. 

The museum opened on January 24th (after 10 years of work!) and had to suspend 
its activities due to Covid context on March 14th. In the short period that we 
managed to stay open, the immense interest for origami in this part of the 
world has been proved, so we can’t wait to resume activities. The museum has a 
library with hundreds of origami books, but perhaps the most interesting part 
resides in the archives of Gershon Legman, which were purchased from his widow 
over the years and now reside entirely here at the museum in Colonia, Uruguay. 
Gershon Legman was a central figure for the new origami at mid 20th century, 
and his letters are the testimony of his carefully crafted work, throughout 
which he discovered and helped connect some of the most relevant origami 
artists in those years. I’ve been working on this documents and perhaps this 
forced confinement will give me the time I need to finish some writings. 

Kind regards
Laura Rozenberg
Museo del Origami
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay <> 

> On Apr 28, 2020, at 9:40 AM, Paul Hoffman <> wrote:
> I am certainly tardy in reading your post, but I appreciate you calling 
> attentions to these topics and the link. As a Librarian, I am aware of the 
> "Fair Use Doctrine" that permits the distribution of small parts of 
> copyrighted materials under certain (and fairly codified) conditions. But 
> this is still a broad (and convoluted) topic--along with the vagaries of 
> Trademark and Patents--so kudos to you for calling it to our attention.
> Note: If you're not familiar with the "Fair Use Doctrine" it's worth a read, 
> especially if you feel you may want to copy or distribute material by another 
> artist/author at some point. 
> If you would like a link or two, I would be happy to provide some for you.
> Best wishes and happy folding,
> Paul S. Hoffman (Nebraska)
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> (photography)
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 10:20 AM Laura R < 
> <>> wrote:
> Sometimes I feel like The New York Times is reading my mind. There are 
> articles like this one that target to my questions (no matter how many times 
> I look for information on “copyright”, “trademark”, etc.) It may not prevent 
> my forgetting of the differences (they slip from my brain after a few days), 
> but it’s helpful, anyway. For origami artists, I believe it’s worth reading. 
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