Hi everyone, 

Every Saturday, the Video Library at the Museo del Origami in Colonia del 
Sacramento, Uruguay, will add a new video featuring origami artists and 
researchers from around the world. Videos have English and Spanish subtitles. 

The link to the videolibrary is: www.museodelorigami.org/videoteca 

The video library aims at becoming a collective memory to preserve the voice 
and image of past and contemporary origami artists and researchers. 

If you have ideas for future videos or would like to participate, here is a 
form to fill in: https://en.museodelorigami.org/videolibrary-form 

Laura Rozenberg
Museo del Origami
Colonia del Sacramento
www.museodelorigami.org <http://www.museodelorigami.org/> 

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