Hello.  I am an American retired lady who LOVES to fold origami cranes.  I am 
sorry to say that German is not a language that I speak, so I can't read your 
explanation.  I would LOVE to send you some origami cranes if you would please 
let me know a bit more about your project.

Thank you,
Arline Young

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Just got the confirmation from Marta Stamenov, who is the representative of the 
project, that contributions are welcome till 22nd May 2020. The result will be 
shown starting with the 23rd.

Am 08.05.20, 02:46 schrieb Kate Honeyman <wrac...@gmail.com>:
Do we know if the projected turn in dates are hard deadlines?
I don't think I can get one there by mail by the 15th....

On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 7:14 PM Andreas Cart (GMX) < 
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Just got this invitation (in German) to contribute a crane to a public
charity Origami project in Moedling/AUSTRIA.


In times of Covid-19 it's not yet clear when the presentation will open.

If you are interested, please send to:
Marta Stamenov
Rudolf Hanke-Gasse 2a
A-3002 Purkersdorf

Contributions are free in size and number.


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