Hello. I would LOVE to contribute a few origami cranes to your project. I would 
like to know where and when to send them, please.

Thank you,

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I would recommend to go with Faye's proposal to use Google Translate.
To me - German speaking - the resulting English translation sounds
meaningful - although I am not sure if the translation of the sentence
on the common goal, the many cranes can represent, is actually giving
the German meaning.

Here is a (very short) summary on my own:

Title: The crane in the exceptional times of Covid-19 and its restrictions

In these times many of us experience a lot of new emotions.
The idea of the project is to give these new thoughts a shape.
Going with the idea of ​​the 1000 folded cranes there is a chance to
change things for the better with persistence and care.

Many different materials folded to a crane can represent each a wish yet
following a common goal.
The contribution of many rises the odds of individual wishes to come true.

During the presentation the cranes will be offered for a free donation
going to some good cause.


PS: It's not MY project. - I just came across it.

Am 10.05.20 um 18:49 schrieb Faye E Goldman:
> Do you know that you can generally ‘cut and paste’ text into Google
> Translate and get something that you can understand?
> Faye
> Hello.  I am an American retired lady who LOVES to fold origami cranes.
> I am sorry to say that German is not a language that I speak, so I can't
> read your explanation.  I would LOVE to send you some origami cranes if
> you would please let me know a bit more about your project.
> Thank you,
> Arline Young

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