> Den 20. maj 2020 kl. 23.53 skrev Rosemary <rosemary.brow...@gmail.com>:
> Would anyone happen to have an idea on what to charge either in an hourly 
> rate or per model for our origami services.  I have been asked to fold 44 
> Lions?  Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
A good question without a definite answer.

You might get more accurate input from other people living in British Columbia. 
I am based in Denmark, but here are some of the considerations I have, even if 
it may just leave you more confused.

On the one hand, you not want to undersell yourself nor origami as an art nor 
your origami colleague.. On the other hand, you really want to do it, for 
honour, income or whatever, and will be disappointed it it fails because you 
charged a bit too much.

Personally, I have provided the paper, design, folding, and even delivery and 
teaching for free (mostly with friends or charity), and I have been paid twice 
my work hourly rate for design jobs, which is decent but still less that what 
my company charges when they hire me out as a consultant. Remember, that price 
should cover rent, heat, light, secretary, advertisement, tools, pc, idle time, 
time spent learning and becoming better at folding, etc.

I haven't really tried selling origami as work of arts, but looking at Etsy.com 
is depressing: There is no way I could sell for those prices and make a living. 
Clearly one will need more exclusive channels of selling origami.

Some factors I consider when quoting a price:
* Is it design/art or is a plain fold/teach job?

* Is it an event where they expect to pay performers? Such as libraries at 
published events, or commercial venues, or private companies.
If so, is there any indication of the price level? 
Other events are voluntary community events (quite suitable for your local 
origami group to meet and demonstrate your skills) or charity like entertaining 
at the local hospital (but beware; you may end up underselling the hired 
hospital clowns).

* Are you an expert or a beginner?

* What type of event/commission is it? Charity? Community? Private company for 

* How much do you want to make it?
Most of us really want to try such things. Very few will have the option to 
prune the number of jobs by charging increasingly higher prices.

* Economic level of your region. Pretty sure New York is more expensive than a 
village in Kazakhstan.

* Is it your income or a hobby.
I have a full-time income above average and do not need the extra income. 
However, I do not want to undersell other artists, and most people will take 
you more serious if you charge what you are worth.

* How much do comparable events charge? 
Origami artists and performers do not only compete with other origami 
performers; in all likelihood they are rare. Rather, you compete with other 
crafts and other entertainments. 

* What is your gut feel for how much they a willing to pay?

Some comparisons you can make:
* What is your hourly rate at your job? All included: your employer may pay 
part of the taxes, insurances, or pension; you need to include that. At hobby 
level, you do not need to include other work expenses mentioned above.

* How much does a movie ticket cost? For entertainment, that is one of the 
choices you compete with. So teaching 10 people a two hour workshop, you should 
be able to charge 10 x movie price.

* Similarly, what do public craft courses charge? 

* Some, like public libraries, provide fairly standard fees. What are those?

* Do you have colleagues/friends who do similar stuff?

* How much do artists make for an event? Musicians? Authors (giving talks)? 
My union has a list of recommended fees for giving a talk etc.

* How much do artists make for a work of art? Paintings? Music pieces? Novella? 
2000 words for a news paper? Photos? 

Best regards and good luck,

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