Session Invalidate ExceptionServlet Spec
7.2 Creating a Session
Because HTTP is a request-response based protocol, a session is considered
to be new until a client "joins" it. A client joins a session when session
tracking information has been successfully returned to the server indicating
that a session has been established. Until the client joins a session, it
cannot be assumed that the next request from the client will be recognized
as part of the session.

The session is considered to be "new" if either of the following is true:
. The client does not yet know about the session
. The client chooses not to join a session. This implies that the servlet
container has no mechanism by which to associate a request with a previous

A Servlet Developer must design their application to handle a situation
where a client has not, can not, or will not join a session.

That last line is what specifically applies to your situation, only
backwards. In this case you are invalidating the HttpSession, but the client
doesn't yet know about the pending invalidation, hense the


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From: Kesav Kumar
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Subject: RE: Session Invalidate Exception

If there is no valid session getSession(false) should return null is in't

Kesav Kumar
Software Engineer
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I believe that when you call request.getSession(false), it will not create a
new session if a valid one does not already exist.  If you want to create a
new one, right after invalidation of a previous session, call
request.getSession() or request.getSession(true).  Obviously, you will need
to reset your attribute after the new session is created.

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Subject: Session Invalidate Exception

When we call invalidate() method on the session what happens?
I was doing the following and I am getting a strange error.  This is just a
testcondition I am giving to reproduce my error.  The reality is much
        session.setAttribute("kesav", "I am nice");
        HttpSession sess = request.getSession(false);
        if(sess == null)
                System.out.println("Session is null");
        Object obj = sess.getAttribute("kesav");
After the invalidate I was thinking that I won't get session object thats
the reason I had a condition for null.  What happening is I am getting a
session object and when I try to access any attribute I am getting
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Session was invalidated
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build
10374)].server.http.EvermindHttpSession.getAttribute(Unknown Source)
        at /Test.jsp._jspService(/ (JSP page line 7)
        at com.orionserver[Orion/1.4.8 (build
10374)].http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build 10374)]._aj._nxd(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build
10374)].server.http.JSPServlet.service(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build 10374)]._iib._vfd(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build 10374)]._iib._qjc(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build 10374)]._kj._qbc(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build 10374)]._kj._oa(Unknown Source)
        at com.evermind[Orion/1.4.8 (build 10374)] Source)
Any ideas why is it happening?
Kesav Kumar
Software Engineer
Voquette, Inc.
650 356 3740
Voquette...Delivering Sound Information

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