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> > Regarding Shamash (the sun) in Jewish cult,
> >
> > Lupia and Horowitz properly pointed out evidences that
> > I couldn`t place better.
> >
> > I guess that many would find horrified at the
> > possibilities that the "Amen" we still use in prayers
> > and "Adon" (the Lord) could come from Egyptian
> > "Amen-Ra" and "Athon" of Amarna (Akhet.Athon), but the
> > possibility is real.
> >
> > Honest and frank facing of fact is always needed in
> > science.
> >
> Agreed.  But "could" and "might" and "may" hardly constitute "fact."
> Too often critics take a flying leap from "this could be" to "this is."
> This is not science.

Etymology is not merely words that sound similar particularly in English
transliteration or translation that may not resemble the original
pronounciation.  Although Hebrew and Middle Egyptian are both Afro-Asiatic
languages, their trajectories are very different.  Above all, language is
cultural and I think it reasonable to say there is no relationship between
the Hebrew )myn (faithfulness, truth) and the Egyptian "Amen" (Amon, Amun)
or between )dn (foundation, pillar, Lord, master) and "Aton" (sun disk).  If
there was a common ancestor for either of these words in a common
Afro-Asiatic root prior to the Akkadian roots, they were long forgotten.


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