Dr. Altman,

Thank you for your response.  Included in it was your

"There are things we simply cannot know -- not now, not ever. What a 
dead author was thinking when he wrote something must forever rest
in the realm of the unknowable. Accept it."

This pretty much applies to everything that we examine here
on Orion.  So it seems obvious that we cannot just "accept it".
We have to correlate information from other sources and come
up with a "working model" for what could have been met.  Not
that this PROVES what was being thought.... but so that other
conclusions or assumptions can be tested against the "working
model".  What interests me about the Rechabite area is the
potential for "triangulation" that has not yet been exploited.
Some say I should not rely on Eisenman's conclusions.  I
don't believe I am relying on his conclusions.  I do not share
his opinions about the relationship of the DSS to New
Testament personalities.  But I am making use of some of
Eisenman's knowledge of obscure texts; this seems to be a
fairly conservative approach, as long as I'm willing to double-
check his sources.

Something very interesting was going on with the Rechabites - - 
and with the Enochian Jewish community.  And this is one of
those rare times when an exploration of the two different groups
might determine in what ways were they really different, or in
what ways they were really the same.

I'm perfectly happy to consider the guild aspects of the 
Rechabites, but would also want to investigate the guild aspects
of the Levites as well.  Perhaps the reasons we should not
consider the head of a Rechabite guild a "true priest" is the 
same reason we should not consider the head of a Levite
family a "true priest".

I am ordering the various sources mentioned by you and others
in order to see where these correlations take the thread.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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