"Rochelle I. Altman" wrote:
> Tyler,
> The Christian use of colors would supply ample reasons for the prohibition
> of the use of color in sacred texts in the _later_ Jewish tradition. However,
> when added to Robertson on color in Assyrian and Ugaritic texts, the DSS,
> and the much later Moslem docs, we have strong evidence for the continuity
> of the use of colors in Semitic sacred docs right on down the centuries.
I have the cdrom Encyc Judaica and look everything up in that first before
I post. I've been prohibited from posting to this list copying/pasting my
responses using the words of the Encyc Jud, and told to summarize it. Now
how can one impartially summarize or even selectively quote from any encyc?
I also have had the bookshelf version which is a duplicate, for over 20
years. It's such a time-saver having the cdrom always available. 

So I searched "color near text" and now I wonder, having come into the
middle of the discussion, if you mean
"Illuminated Manuscripts"? You can look it in the Encyc Jud. 

I haven't looked at the Dead Sea Scrolls with relationship to all this. I
can't review everything in cyberspace, so could someone tell me if any of
the Dead Sea Scrolls have color in their manuscripts? Wouldn't the use of
color represent the classification "Illuminated Manuscripts"?  

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