If one more member can register dismay at the list closing prospect,
add to the litany of seekers to please reconsider, and also ask:

is it because of money? server share of costs, etc (or would it be
tolerable if there also be an other incarnation as a Yahoo offshoot)?

is someone's time been stringed too tight? could the burden be
shared? or, be alleviated? could the list go on un-moderated status?
that, given the light, sporadic traffic, would require pragmatically but
an occasional glance, and even rarer control?

There is certainly serious work to be, yet, done in the area, and so it
seems quite paradoxical that DSS / Orion chooses to shut down now.

Certainly ANE and IOUDAIOS are important lists, and aspects of DSS
can be discussed, and maybe even on occasion more appropriately
-- as per the cross-list, topic comparative focus-- there. Yet, there
are issues, central to the DSS, that can be properly discussed only
at a specialized list, I think.

Anyway, keepers probably knowest best. If we could only be let in
in part of this a-knowing... May I say that long time members here
I think really deserve this?

With Greetings to All, and especially with good wishes and Thanks
to the Orion administration and list staff for work done to-date,

The Ionic Centre, Athens

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