Adrian Egli OpenSceneGraph (3D) schrieb:
> Perfect, it's working.
ok, I'll submit them to osg-submissions.
> did you still a review of my AGL Thread Safe submission ? because i can not
> run the safari plugin with mutli threaded, only single thread. otherwise
> i crashs when i press 's' (stats, freetype) and then i rescale or move the
> safari window.
Sorry, I did not get anything to review from you? Did you send me an email?

I think it is the wrong solution to add mutexes to the 
GraphicsWindowCarbon. IMHO all window-implementations require calling 
from the right thread which created and manipulated the opengl context. 
All threading-stuff is done outside the GraphicWindow-implementations. 
Perhaps Robert can add some more info to this topic.

Perhaps it's a better solution for your special needs to subclass from 
GraphicsWindowCarbon and add the Mutexes there.

I could not recreate the crash using the standard osgviewer.


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