I'm going to try one more thing... In my readerWriter, I can unregister the real IVE loader, and register my "encrypted ive" loader. This way, my loader gets called when a ".ive" is written out/ read in. I'll actually call the real IVE loader for all read and writes, but the recursive proxy node writer will ask the registry for the readerWriter associated with an ".ive" file and it will get give it my EIVE loader. When it's all done, I'll re-register the IVE loader with the ".ive" extension.

I'll let you know what happens...


Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
Hi Brett,

As expected, the visitor goes and changes the names of all the referenced files. Then the top level file is written out. The proxy nodes try to write themselves out but since the files they reference ("referencedFile.eive") doesn't exist, nothing is written out.

I don't quite know what options you have then. In the case of ProxyNodes and PagedLOD nodes, you might have to force reading of the whole file before you can write it out again anyways... But that may exceed the memory in your system (the reason why you use those nodes in the first place, most of the time...).

You could catch that error, read the file yourself (original ive extension), write it out to eive, and then re-write the parent file. (recursively) That's so ugly I'm almost ashamed I thought of it...

I still don't get why Robert tells you it should work fine, and you say it doesn't. Sure, there are any number of things that may go wrong, but it should be easier than that.

Sorry I can't help more,


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