HI Richard,

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 11:48 AM, Richard Baron Penman
> The examples I've seen put frame() in their paint event and don't render
> without it there. Is there an example available that implements the
> architecture you describe?

Well all the examples except the ones like osgviewerQT have a main
loop that drives the rendering.  These are frame driven rather than
event driven.  Almost all vis-sim/games application should be frame
driven rather than event driven.  Only interactive applications should
use event driven, but even then frame driven can still be used and may
be preferred.

>> Or use multiple viewers.
> that would be the simplest way. Can viewers share the same node group
> memory?

You can do it, but you need take care of the sync'ing the FrameStamp
between each traversal as otherwise the state of the scene graph can
get thrashed between different times.

You are getting well beyond what I have personally experimented with
though so I can't really help you along this journey.

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