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> > If I'm using the OpenGL debug message extension then I can see a
> > with the message 'Texture is immutable' caused by a call of
> glTexStorage2D in 'Texture2D.cpp'
> > in line 309. Both warnings are printed directly after this invalid
> operation.
> >
> > I'm wondering how the texture object can ever be immutable here, because
> > it's just created in line 306.
> Looking at the implementation of 'TextureObjectSet::takeOrGenerate',
> then a texture object from 'TextureObjectSet::_orphanedTextureObjects'
> might be reused and then 'glTexStorage2D' might be called multiple times
> on the same texture object, which would then result into
> because 'glTexStorage2D' should be only called once and afterwards the
> texture object is immutable in this regard.
> Is this right?
> Is there some kind of flag missing, if 'glTexStorage2D' has already been
> called?

This isn't something I considered when I merged the support for
glTexStorage2D.  From your description it does sounds like reusing of the
texture objects should be forbidden.  I haven't looked into the
implementation side yet to look at problem so can't suggest a fix.

Could you create an example that reproduces the issue?  We can then use
these as testbed for any fixes we come up with.

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