Hi all,

I’ve been working on an (improved) port of OSG to WebAssembly, and have a 
question for the experts :-) So far, my port runs well when built with 
threading support, but some browser implementations currently disable some of 
the threading support, so I need to have an alternative port which does not 
attempt to use threads at all.

What I’m curious about is how to configure the OpenThreads build (or whether it 
is advisable and/or possible to not involve OpenThreads at all) when building 
OSG. The WebAssembly compiler doesn’t hide the pthreads support in the headers 
when building single threaded, but doesn’t link against the pthreads library, 
so my current attempts to build single-threaded fail at link time.

I’ve looked through the OpenThreads CMakeLists, but it’s not obvious to me how 
to configure without any threading support at all.

Any advice?

Kind regards,
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