If you want a light positioned relative to View's Camera then this is what
the OSG provides by default.  You can probably just remove the LightSource
from the scene graph and rely upon it's settings.  In include/osg/View
you'll find:

       /** Options for controlling the global lighting used for the view.*/
        enum LightingMode

        /** Set the global lighting to use for this view.
          * Defaults to headlight. */
        void setLightingMode(LightingMode lightingMode);

        /** Get the global lighting used for this view.*/
        LightingMode getLightingMode() const { return _lightingMode; }

        /** Get the global light.*/
        void setLight(osg::Light* light) { _light = light; }

        /** Get the global lighting if assigned.*/
        osg::Light* getLight() { return _light.get(); }

        /** Get the const global lighting if assigned.*/
        const osg::Light* getLight() const { return _light.get(); }

The vsgViewer::View class subclasses from osg::View, and osgViewer::Viewer
subclasses from osgViewer::View, so all the above methods are also
available via viewer.setLightingMode(..) etc.
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