Hi Denis,

I am afraid I am not much help to you in that regard. I am not familiar with 
how Ubuntu does packaging and I don’t know what a PPA is. You can of course 
build PROJ as per usual on Unix based systems, but I am sure you are already 
aware of that. I know that the Debian guys are working on new packages, maybe 
that is useful to you?


Fra: Denis Rouzaud [mailto:denis.rouz...@gmail.com]
Sendt: 19. februar 2018 16:10
Til: Kristian Evers <kr...@sdfe.dk>
Cc: osgeo4w-dev@lists.osgeo.org
Emne: Re: [osgeo4w-dev] Upcoming PROJ 5.0.0 release

Hi Kristian,

I have setup the test suite on upcoming ubuntu bionic (18.04) on Travis.
Any chance to get PROJ 5 available there via a PPA or natively?

I don't have much time to spend on testing but having it as a package would 
make it very straightforward.

It would be awesome to have this as preview on unstable for bionic :)



Le lun. 19 févr. 2018 à 10:59, Kristian Evers 
<kr...@sdfe.dk<mailto:kr...@sdfe.dk>> a écrit :

As you may know, a new version of the PROJ library is about to be released. At 
the moment we are on release candidate 3 [0].
It is very likely that this release candidate will be promoted to the final 
release. Before that happens though, I want to make sure
that everything works as expected in OSGeo4W. I still haven’t received any 
feedback on the release candidates from Windows
users though. Could someone please test that the release candidate builds and 
works as expected in the OSGeo4W environment?

Thanks in advance,

[0] http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/proj/2018-February/007990.html
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