Hi Peter,

I have read it and i realize three things

1- we now need to add an additional project to create the run time assembly, 
e.g /bndrun folder in the tutorial. Is this the only way? If so will bndtools 
support this type of project template as it is currently supporting api, 
provider, application templates?

2- how is bndtool resolution and hot deploy from eclipse affected? Should we 
still resolve bndrun in eclipse?

3- as a suggestion breaking a build and copy pasting will not work in ci/cd. I 
think a more automated solution can be beneficial.

I will try to give more feedback when i get my hands on the code. Thanks for 
all the work you put in it is very appreciated.


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Hi Peter,

do you also provide the full source code of the finished project?
I read most of the instructions and generally they look good but I think I 
personally would never try to recreate the whole project by hand by following 
the steps.
I think most people would simply checkout the finished example and try and 
experiment with it while reading the sections of the tutorial.

I also think the instructions for creating and adding the runbundles manually 
are quite tedious. I would rather leave the option to auto resolve on for the 
start and explain in a special section what the risks are and how to avoid 
these by "approving" the resolve manually like you describe now.

Btw. I wonder if we could use a command line option for maven to auto update 
the runbundles. So you could describe to first run the build with mvn install. 
It fails and then run again with the option to replace the runbundles. That 
would be a lot simpler than copy pasting them.


On 06.10.2016 15:51, Peter Kriens wrote:
I’ve created a tutorial for OSGi enRoute with Maven and vi. I am in need of 
some people that are willing to review this tutorial.

The tutorial is at http://enroute.osgi.org/tutorial_eval/050-start.html

You can find the Github source code at: 

Please provide tool requests and issues or just mail me personally at 

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated. Kind regards,

Peter Kriens

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