Hi Christian,

I was quite happy with the auto deploy until now. I give you that sometimes it 
breaks when i do something fancy, e.g change code and save while stopped at 
debug point. But other than that it was quite solid.

On the other hand i had fair amount of problem when i refresh repositories. 
Sometimes for no reason projects in workspace gives compilation error and it 
takes multiple repository refreshes from bndtools menu in eclipse to get it 
recognizing distro and other repositories. But that is another bug report.

Thanks for the answers i am looking forward to get my hands on the code.


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Hi Daghan,

I think I can answer part of your questions.


On 12.10.2016 23:27, Daghan ACAY wrote:
> 2- how is bndtool resolution and hot deploy from eclipse affected?
> Should we still resolve bndrun in eclipse?
You can still resolve using the UI. But you can also do a pure maven build.
Hot deploy does not work reliably. You have to at least do mvn install
on the module you changed and restart your OSGi runtime.
> 3- as a suggestion breaking a build and copy pasting will not work in
> ci/cd. I think a more automated solution can be beneficial.
You can use this configuration to make the resolve completely automated

Christian Schneider

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