Hi all,

I am trying to create a component that is instantiated by ConfigAdmin and uses 
multiple references to operate. Basically the component should instantiate 
through a factory configuration and use that configuration to set up its own 
@Reference s. You can see the code here:


All the mentioned @Reference ed components are instantiated by configuration as 
well, so at a given time the @Reference might not be available but my own 
component should still work. yet should the Reference available then it should 
be injected, basic 0-1 strategy.

Problem I am facing with the current form of the code is that, the @Reference 
injection is happening before the @Activate method is called. This leads to NPE 
in the @Reference method due to null configuration. Is it possible to make this 
code work such that config is provided to the component before the dependency 

I have tried annotating the class fields and set them "volatile". I even make 
them a list and use the class fields in the activate method this time the class 
fields were null due to 0-1 strategy. so I end up with annotating the methods.

I might have designed this all wrong, so any help simple or fundamental is 



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