I have followed the tutorial http://enroute.osgi.org/qs/050-start.html using 
the examples available on GIT without any problem.

Then, I have extracted the content of the JAR generated at the end of the page 
http://enroute.osgi.org/qs/300-application.html to use it content with a clean 
instance of Felix (v 5.6.2, configured to have on port 8889).
The intent is to better the dependencies required in order to create a Web 
application (with AngularJS) using OSGi in order to create a similar 
application using Maven on Intellij IDEA.

The Problem is as below:

After some struggle, I have succeeded to have all bundles active, but the web 
application does not work as when ran from Eclipse.
NOTE that none of the org.eclipse.* bundles got used.

Opening http://localhost:8889/osgi.enroute.examples.rest/index.html#/ only the 
content of the index.html file is rendered as-is:

Looking into the Source View, I have followed the CSS link and the JS link:

 returns the CSS content

 returns HTTP ERROR: 404
Note that http://localhost:8889/rest/upper is working fine.

I am puzzled about the fact that the CSS file content is returned, but not the 
JS file content event though they are under the same directory within the 
osgi.enroute.examples.rest.application bundle, and I would appreciate some help 
in solving and understand the cause of this problem.

Here is a snapshot of all the bundles under 'bundle' directory used by Felix:

Best Regards,

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