You could do this by using a component factory. You would need another component to get the ComponentFactory service and call ComponentFactory.newInstance with the desired endpoint.framework.uuid service property.
But this is probably overkill for a single service. For a single service, you can use the life cycle methods of a component (activate/deactivate) to manually register/unregister the desired service.

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Subject: [osgi-dev] Can a DS component control its service properties programmatically?
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I would like to create a component that is an remote service admin EndpointEventListener. 
So it needs a property endpoint.listener.scope with a filter string. 
The problem now is that I want this scope to only include endpoints from the local framework. So I need something like:
(endpoint.framework.uuid=<uuid of my framework>)
So I think I can not do this using the @Component annotation. Can I set this property in the @Activate method somehow?
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