A question about component configuration.

I have a component that has a required configuration policy. Using a (pre R7) 
Configurator to configure the component. For some reason, the Component gets 
activated, deactivated, then activated again, which is not desirable.


 1. How can I figure out why this is happening. I have tried many approaches, 
but can’t seem to get a clue as to why this is happening. Since it generally 
doesn’t seem to happen for other configured components, I am assuming that it 
is not a Configurator problem.

 2. Is there a way to prohibit this from happening?

In the meantime, I will make the dependent services more dynamic so they are 
not thrown off by this change, but their behavior is actually correct: the 
expectation is that the configured service should only get instantiated once, 
so a static @Reference is correct.


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