Great idea Thomas! I see that there could be a great use for this kind of 
design that you are now inventing. I will try to contribute with some thoughts 
and ideas and follow this thread with great interest. Have a nice weekend :0)

> 16 sep. 2016 kl. 09:36 skrev Thomas Herrmann via OSList 
> <>:
> Dear friends in Open Space
> I write to share about an exciting project and to ask to have 
> feedback/ideas/experiences assisting me to refine/decide on the design I am 
> working on.
> The project is in a neighbouring town of about 35 000 inhabitants. They are 
> inviting everyone living there to explore ways to contribute to enhance the 
> learning amongst children/youth complementing/supporting what is happening in 
> the school. The top politician in the town, responsible for education/schools 
> is my sponsor. During the spring I had a couple of meetings with the top 
> politicians and managers for the school system. Then we widened the circles 
> and had some meetings with other interest parties , to invite more engagement 
> for this idea. 
> We have a plan that includes follow up, to support what is emerging, decide 
> on next steps and make sure there is report back to what is happening and not.
> A couple of  days ago we had our “final” planning meeting getting the theme 
> etc. Still working on wording but something like “For the future of our 
> children. How do we create conditions for enhanced learning for pupils in our 
> community?” Of practical reasons evenings are considered the best options. 
> Parents, pupils, teachers, business people, public workers etc etc are all 
> busy daytime and weekends are not considered a good option. “Everyone” will 
> be invited but it’s hard to say how many will come to each meeting. I guess 
> between 10-200 J
> Now the plan is to have three 3-hour meetings in three different parts of the 
> small community. I have suggested a fourth meeting where all are invited for 
> convergence/action planning. There are of course several challenges. I am not 
> even sure I will suggest we use OST even though I’d love to. I think a 3-hour 
> meeting is the bare minimum for the simplest form of an OST meeting. On the 
> other hand I see possibilities for this to be looked at like an OST meeting 
> consisting of three occasions á 3 hours + convergence in a fourth meeting for 
> another 3 hours… That looks better, ey?
> There are some opportunities with this:
> 1.       More time for the divergent process before converging.
> 2.       People can choose to join several meetings, deepening their thinking
> 3.       People can get access to more ideas/material from the 3 meetings.
> 4.       There can be continued conversations online in between meetings and 
> approaching meeting nbr 4.
> 5.       There will be opportunities for people to create joint projects over 
> “boundaries” in the community (meeting nbr 4 and online)
> There are several challenges with this too. 
> 1.       There will be different people in all of the meetings
> a.       There needs to be a proper opening each time
> 2.       3 hours is very short. My plan: Opening/agenda 45 mts. Session 1 (45 
> mts). Session 2 (45 mts). Individual reflection/personal commitment (15 mts). 
> Closing 30 mts.
> a.       For the actionplanning meeting (meeting nbr 4) I will probably use 
> re-opening, after a brief opening and reading reports/reflecting. A couple of 
> action planning sessions, 1 minute reportback/group and then closing.
> 3.       How to bind everything together to one whole
> So far I lean towards this plan but I would love to hear to your ideas, 
> thoughts, experiences and/or suggestions!
> All the best
> Thomas Herrmann
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