Hi friends

I came across a potential client who wants to co-create a vision involving all 
collaborators  (2500 people in 11 countries) and even more (clients, 
suppliers..) and is looking for someone to help them for this one-year process.
They did it already about 10 years ago (they were of course less people at that 
time), with a process that, If I understand clearly, seems to me closed to what 
Doyle was doing.
They want to do it again as, as you can imagine, the world has changed 
completely in 10 years and they are facing  new kind of challenges and 
They also want it to be « modern », involving digital tools.. and lots of 

I am still not sure how I will answer to this request. 

One possibility would be to stick to what they know and look to partner with 
someone who know the process they have in mind. This person would need to speak 
My question then  to you is : is any of you/do you know anyone/  familiar with  
the deep visioning process of Michael Doyle ? I’d love to talk to you then. 

The other possibility would be to imagine a process that involves what I know, 
like OST, world cafe, AI , chaordic etc..

Do you have stories of this kind of processes involving all stakeholders, 
especially all collaborators, a dozen of countries and  getting to a Vision 
statement : purpose, mission, .. difference, values …
How did you do it ?

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