Yes, Android is - in my opinion - the preferred platform for OsmAnd. I use 
it on an old phone (Galaxy S 1) as a dedicated bike nav (phone in 
'flightmode'). It's remarkably versatile for navigation purposes, but 
you'll have to put in some time to get familiar with it and make it work 
effeciently, but perfectly usable as a go-anywhere-nav solution. 

It requires Android v4.x at a minimum if I'm not mistaken, but you should 
probably aim for an Android v5, 6, 7 or even 8.0 device because anything < 
v5 is considered ancient and insecure. And possibly, new versions of OsmAnd 
could become unsupported on lower Android versions. Any dual or quadcore 
processor model should suffice, preferably with 1GB or more RAM. More CPU 
and RAM means more speed, but usually also battery drain.

To store sufficient maps, you should probably go for either a decent amount 
of internal memory (> 8GB or 16GB) or store maps on an external microSD 
card (so the phone should have a sdcard slot). A big battery is mandatory, 
or you will quickly run out of power if the screen is on for several hours 
at higher brightness levels. At present, phone batteries of > 3000mAh are 
considered 'large' but there are models with far larger capacities. 
Usually, this is directly related to the screen diameter; the larger the 
screen the more power it consumes when powered on on high brightness 
levels. You could consider a smaller capacity model and use a powerbank to 
recharge it when you're on your way.

Lastly, you should probably look for a model that supports not only GPS, 
but also the GLONASS and BEIDOU alternatives; more satellites is always 
better for accuracy

Some practical advise; battery life and waterproofing the phone are 
probably the biggest challenges you'll face (apart from budget ofcourse :-) 
). Battery life is mainly determined by battery capacity and screen 
brightness (and size). A great feature of OsmAnd is that it can turn on the 
screen x seconds before every turn while navigating; be sure to check this 
out as it saves a lot of battery power (you'll be riding with the screen 
off for most of the time).

With my phone finetuned; I can ride for about 100-170km's on a single 
charge - depending on the conditions.


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