Dne 14/02/2018 v 12:38 nickjohnston...@gmail.com napsal(a):
> On Wednesday, 14 February 2018 02:15:49 UTC, john whelan wrote:
>     A suggestion only buy at least a 16 gig micro SD card to go in it
>     especially if you're thinking of putting on a few mp3s.
> I'd take this a step further and suggest a 64 GB card. They are very
> reasonably priced now. When you use full maps, contour lines,
> hillshading, Wikipedia (not just in OsmAnd but with Kiwix too--Kiwix
> also allows you to get Wikivoyage offline which is very useful when
> travelling), 16 GB could easily be too little space.
> Buy a decent brand such as SanDisk. If buying on Amazon, make sure
> you're buying from Amazon themselves to reduce the risk of getting a fake.

Or, there are available with reasonable price
phones with 64 GB internal storage.

It may be advantage to prevent SD access issues
for technically challenged users.

E.g. Xiaomi MI A1(Android One) has 64 GB internal storage. + up to 128
4 GB RAM, octacore CPU,  currently Android 8 Oreo,
with regular monthly system updates in equivalent of about 250 $.

I am very satisfied with it.

I bet it would be cheaper in US due being a bigger market.

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