Hi Poutnik,

all the users has the right to post their view of a product. As long as 
what they write in the subject is all right. When what we write is personal 
experience or knowledge from others, there is no problem. But what happens 
when others tell us "we don't like your opinion - don't write it". Do i 
have the right to reply to them ???

On Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 4:32:13 AM UTC+2, Poutnik wrote:
> Well, Lodro, you like arguments. The others  just react on your bait.
> OSMAnd, Locus, BRouter serve different purposes
> than Google Maps, Waze, TomTom etc.
> Each group is superior to the other in what it is focused to. Speed is 
> both strength and weakness.
> If your prefer the latter group, use it.
> The first group has reasons not to follow.
> Dne 25. března 2020 22:06:52 Lodro Gyamtso <lodrog...@gmail.com 
> <javascript:>> napsal:
>> @Bart Eisenberg
>> I can say the same for you.
>> On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 10:49:16 PM UTC+2, Bart Eisenberg wrote:
>>> @Lodro This forum has been that rare corner of the web where civility is 
>>> the norm.  Please follow suit or find another forum.  
>>> On Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 12:15:19 AM UTC-7, Lodro Gyamtso wrote:
>>>> this post is special for user "Harry van der Wolf"
>>>> who do you think that you are ? who gave you the right to say to other 
>>>> people  -* Please test yourself before posting these "theories"*.
>>>> Is your ego and arrogance ? That's why i suggest to you "don't say to 
>>>> other people what to do into their personal lives"
>>>> i am writing a post having experience of my devices or reading posts 
>>>> from other users. I did exactly what you made, i write my thoughts as you 
>>>> did, without judging other people. I use only what the others say, just to 
>>>> found answers.
>>>> Using my old smartphone for a route inside the city of 60 Km, the 
>>>> results time is over 1 minute for calculation. With my new smartphone for 
>>>> the same route needs less of 20secs to draw the route. With all the 
>>>> navigation apps i have mentions before, the route results is 1sec 
>>>> (instantaneously) for both of my devices.
>>>> p.s
>>>> sorry for my english
>>>> On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 12:53:14 PM UTC+2, Harry van der Wolf 
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Op di 24 mrt. 2020 om 07:32 schreef Lodro Gyamtso <lodrog...@gmail.com
>>>>> >:
>>>>>> after the answer of user "Poutnik", we have another proof that the 
>>>>>> OSMAnd and BRoute use slow (bad) technology.
>>>>>> Software like Here WeGO, Sygic, Tomtom Go, iGO, navigon, navitel, 
>>>>>> route 66, copilot, mireo, etc , are far away from this low level apps 
>>>>>> (OSMAnd and BRout). And all of this top companies has offline navigation 
>>>>>> apps. So, the user "Episteme PROMENEUR" has right into his first post.
>>>>>> My opinion is - don't use osmand, locus, orux, brouter, for city 
>>>>>> navigation. They are only for mountain use.
>>>>> That is not true. Both OsmAnd and BRouter are excellent routers. 
>>>>> OsmAnd is slower on longer distances, but that can be tweaked.
>>>>> OsmAnd is even the best in cities due to it's penalty system for 
>>>>> traffic lights and  traffic bumps and the like.
>>>>> If you calculate a route inside a city, the route might be the same, 
>>>>> but OsmAnds ETA is by far the most accurate even though TomTom uses their 
>>>>> "smart routing" where they collected statistical data on "heavy use" 
>>>>> roads.
>>>>> And sometimes OsmAnds route is different, exactly because it uses 
>>>>> these penalties. I personally did many test and especially in cities (!), 
>>>>> OsmAnd is by far the best when calculating the route AND the correct ETA. 
>>>>> So actually in cities I do use OsmAnd.
>>>>> Please test yourself before posting these "theories".
>>>>> I know less about BRouter, although I used it for cycling, and that 
>>>>> was excellent. So why "mountain use"?
>>>>> Here WeGo is currently only a city navigation tool, so useless in my 
>>>>> eyes (unless it is builtin into your car navigation set).
>>>>> Finally: There is not one single navigation app in the world that 
>>>>> offers the wide portfolio of functionality that OsmAnd does. Not one!
>>>>> Harry
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