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> Am 02.08.2017 um 01:17 schrieb Michael Hughes:
> > 
> > If for some reason the leg that a DS2450 is on drops off line and
> > then comes back online, the values that are retrieved don't make
> > any sense. If I restart my program it will work again.  Is there
> > anyway to reset/reinitialize the DS2450?  I'm reading the values
> > from it with a get
> > of /uncached/1F.49D100000000/main/20.EDCD00000000/volt.all. 
> Which version of owfs are you using? If not v3.2p1, I suggest to
> update first.
> $ /opt/owfs/bin/owserver --version
> Kind regards
>       Jan

I have done the update, but if the line that has the DS2450 drops
offline and then comes back online I still get values that don't make

/usr/local/bin/owserver version:
libow version:

Values from the DS2450 before taking the line off line:
 4.25  2.25  4.46  4.52

Values from the DS2450 after putting the line back on line.
 0.00  4.44  0.00  0.00

I am using the ow C API to read all of my Dallas 1-Wire devices.  I do
a OW_init("/dev/cuao0").  I then go in to a loop and use OW_get to read
each device.  I use the following line to read the voltages:

OW_get( "/uncached/1F.49D100000000/main/20.EDCD00000000/volt.all", &buf,
&s );

Michael D Hughes 

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