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> Hi,
> > Am 06.08.2017 um 18:52 schrieb Michael Hughes:  
> >> I am using the ow C API to read all of my Dallas 1-Wire devices.
> >> I do a OW_init("/dev/cuao0").  I then go in to a loop and use
> >> OW_get to read each device.  I use the following line to read the 
> >> voltages:
> >>
> >> OW_get( "/uncached/1F.49D100000000/main/20.EDCD00000000/volt.all", 
> >> &buf, &s );
> >>  
> I have this in my home setup. AFAIK it's been running flawlessly for a
> couple of years.
> -- 
> -- Matthias Urlichs

You haven't had any problems with it if the leg that the DS2450 is on
drops offline and come back online?  As long as it is online it works
without problems, but if it drops off and comes back I get numbers that
don't make sense.

Michael D Hughes                            Loghome living is the best!


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