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Dear Friends and colleagues, at the Frankfurt Book Faire I present my new
book on progressive social movements - as it is (for the moment) only in
German, here is a short information in English:

„And yet it moves ... Progressive social movements and their relation to EU
and UN“

New progressive social movements give impulses for societal change since
the Fifties of the Twentieth Century. They differ from political parties in
their timely limited and thematic margins, their demand for grass-rout
democracy – and they act transnational resp. international. Their success
simultaneously implies their failure: Neither they are able to generate
their experiences nor they can develop and follow concepts of general
societal change.

This is a storybook with a collection of narratives on ’68-Movements,
Womens-, Environmental-, Peace- and the Alter-Globalisation-Movements. It
tries to illustrate their specific character and the reciprocal influence
between progressive social movements and institutional politics of European
Union and United Nations.

It’s last chapter covers an outline of the Europeanization of Trade Unions’
Movements – the European Trade Unions Federation - ETUC. Of all things the
grand “old” sister of the new progressive social movements was able to
create a genuine European organization – besides the deep national
differences in their traditions and structures. Since their foundation in
1973 they fight for the social dimension of the European Union.

The epilogue is a reflection on the relation between political parties and
progressive social movements with special regard to the Europeanization of

Und sie bewegt sich doch ... Progressive soziale Bewegungen, die EU und die
UNO. AG SPAK-Verlag, Neu-Ulm, 2016.

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