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--- Comment #1 from Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> ---
into pidgin → for pidgin

%{__rm} → rm
There's absolutely no need to do this. The guidelines require macros for
*directories*, but not for executables. If you have a rogue rm in the path, you
have bigger problems, and anyway, there are various other programs called
during build, so guarding just rm isn't useful. Same for %__make.

+ package name is OK
+ latest version
+ license is acceptable for Fedora (GPLv2+)
+ license is specified correctly
+ provides/requires look OK
+ builds and installs OK
+ no scriptlets needed (.so in private directory)
- versioning doesn't follow the guidelines
[ has
the rules, but it's rather muddled unfortunately]. I think keeping the git date
in version makes sense, but the git tag should be moved to the release tag.

%global gitcommit ea683512f9b82f2257770f0ed56d819eea230fc2
%global gitdate 20160405
%{?gitcommit:%global gitcommitshort %(c=%{gitcommit}; echo ${c:0:7})}

Version: 0.0.%{gitdate}
Release: 1%{?gitcommit:.git%{gitcommitshort}}%{?dist}

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