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--- Comment #18 from Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> ---
Note: I bumped the version to 0.9.4 manually, the spec file still says 0.9.3.

The %changelog in the rpm package is _not_ supposed to be a reflection of the
vcs logs of upstream. It should be a short overview of high-level changes
relevant to the user of the package. Hence, it'd even be better to say "0.9.4
Update to latest upstream version, minor cleanups", i.e. give no details,
rather than overwhelm the users with details they don't care about. E.g. there
is no python3.3 in any supported Fedora, and some deprecated or replaced
methods are not important for the user. See This is a minor
thing, also a bit of personal preference, and I'm not saying you have to change
the style, and especially not for past entries, but please consider it for the

+ package name is OK
+ license is acceptable for Fedora (MIT)
+ license is specified correctly
+ builds and install OK
+ Provides/Requires/BR look correct
+ new python packaging macros are used
+ %python_provide macros is used

Package is APPROVED.

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