--- Comment #71 from Jan Pokorný <> ---
Ok, the same argument can be applied to implicit versioning of
subpackages (BuildRequires: libknet-devel%{?_isa} < 2.0), why
do you want to treat these two things (subpackages and respective
pkgconfig files) differently, especially (to repeat it) if it's
customary for the latter even when some packages (dbus) do
explicit versioning for the former in addition (dbus-1.pc while
avoiding dbus1-devel as the name of a subpackage)?

Am I the only to see a conflict here?

Will hypothetical libknet2 ship its standalone libknet2.pc?
Why not to apply unified approach and rename libknet.pc to
libknet1.pc.  Or conversely, to stop the explicit versioning
in the subpackage names in there's ever to be just a single
pkgconfig file...

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