--- Comment #78 from digimer <> ---
> Free-form implementation of
>> - comment above "%debug_package" that it is not relevant for
>>   Fedora and its removal is pending [there]
> per [comment 73] is still missing.

Did I misunderstand? I added the comment above "%files -n libknet1-devel";

> # libknet.pc leading to pkgconfig(libknet) automatic virtual provides,
> # like other files, is not explicitly versioned in the name like the
> # subpackages are -- intention of doing so for subpackage names is
> # to ease the cross-checking the compatibility of the remote clients
> # interchanging data using this network communication library, as
> # the number denotes the protocol version (providing multiple
> # protocol versions in parallel is not planned).
> %files -n libknet1-devel

Anyway, I moved it.

I'm sorry, I don't understand the question/comment/suggestion in comment #77.
Can you please restate?

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