--- Comment #10 from Simone Caronni <> ---
(In reply to Robert-André Mauchin from comment #7)
> Also create a logrotate file for the log:
> #_logrotate_config_file

A couple of notes here:

- The log file after months of a running daemon is only 9.7 Mb, so I'm not sure
there is really any benefit here.
- When enabling -debug on the daemon, the -shrinkdebugfile is automatically set
to 1, so the log file is trimmed at startup.

So I see two options:

1. Add -shrinkdebugfile=1 to the systemd unit, so the log file is also trimmed
when NOT starting in debug mode
2. Add -shrinkdebugfile=0 to the systemd unit so the log file is never trimmed
even when debugging and then add the logrotate file.

I think solution 1 is better.

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