--- Comment #18 from Eugene A. Pivnev <> ---
(In reply to marco from comment #17)
> * Why is the Bitcoin Core package called `bitcoin` and not `bitcoin-core`
> like in other package managers. E.g. or

I can try to answer this.
* "bitcoin-core" includes bitcoind (bitcoin-server, but it is "client" of
bitcoin network), bitcoin-utils (pure "client" as client) and bitcoin-qt
("server" as client + partially "client" as client all-in-one :-)
* all of them are absolutely indepent from each another on runtime.
So, this "-core" is not "core" and not includes runtime core (and this is big
problem - it's impossible to select "-lib" from these tonns of code).
And as for me I think current packaging (bitcoin => -server + -utils + -qt) is
very logical.
PS. in addition some of docs say "..then run bitcoin-core (they mean bitcoin-qt
binary) and..."

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