Hi Boris,

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> Hi Louis,
> Thanks, installed it, playing with it.
> Looks good - unfortunately, it looks like the RADIUS IP tracking fix which I 
> have tested and which seems to work didn't make it. 
> See:
> https://github.com/borepstein/packetfence

That was too late for inclusion in 5.3. 
There’s a lot of testing that goes into a release, so last minute changes often 
end up being in the next release.

We need to take a look at that and I may have a few suggestions (making it 
optional, logging etc.).

Never fear, there will be a 5.4.

> Also, do you know if there has been any work on detecting when nodes go  
> off-line and marking them as inactive?

I don’t think anything has been done about that.
It’s a harder problem than it looks at first glance.

How do you do it? 
Using radius accounting? That might work.

What is harder is making it reliable.
Packets get dropped, switches are disconnected etc.

Pull requests are welcome, as always.
You could also open an issue on github if you haven’t done it yet.

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