Hello everyone,

I have a PR open since around a month now where I added better support for
the different authentication mechanisms that ruckus offers, as well as
quite a bit of documentation on how to use the RBAC (role-based
assigning of ACLs and rate limits) when using both smartzone and
zoneDirector controllers for ruckus,

I also cleaned up the webService API calls done to the ruckus controller so
as to support both HTTP and HTTPS with their corresponding ports (http so
as to allow for easier troubleshooting when things arent working). I also
added support for the "username" in the API call which is mandatory if
using SmartZone in multi-tenant mode (and I guess it should make this
compatible with ruckus cloud )

In particular, ruckus has so many different modes of operation (radius
local vs proxy-radius with and without WISPR portal on the AP) that things
are bound to get confusing. For example, if you're using a remove SmartZone
controller, while having packetfence locally installed on-prem, the proxy
mode for RADIUS might not be workable as you would have to open port 1812
on your external connection (and you might not even have a static ip!) So
in those cases, while authentication is done through radius, the de-auth is
done through http/rest API. I added support for forcing the de-auth method
if needed and have been testing it succesfully lately.

I  noticed there is ongoing work for DPSK support for ruckus and I have
already integrated those changes in my PR but I havent been able to test
them yet.

my PR is available here:

The only issue I have is that when pulling the upstream changes to the
whole trunk, I accidentally kept one commit as "root" rather than "garci66"
so the CLA-Bot is complaining... if someone has an "easy"  idea on how to
fix that.. I'd REALLY appreciate it.

I can imagine things are quite busy with inverse being acquired but I would
really appreciate if anyone has some cycles to take a look -and ideally
approve- the PR.

I have access to a lot of ruckus gear and can help test / troubleshoot more
complex scenarios if needed.

Best Regards,
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