Hello All,

A very good day to you all.

I have a basic PacketFence set-up using the latest release version 6.2.9 
running on RHEL 6.8. I have set-up in VLAN enforcement mode and have been able 
to perform the initial configuration for both PacketFence, thus defined a 
switch (Cisco 2960) with SNMP v3 auth|priv and created a user in snmptrapd.

I can see the SNMP trap messages being sent to the server, processed by 
snmptrapd and written to snmptrapd.log, also packetfence.log shows entries for 
pfsetvlan as follows:

Pfsetvlan (6) ERROR: could not convert dot1dBasePort into ifIndex in any 
VLAN.Setting tratType to unknown (pf::Switch::Cisco::parseTrap)

Since I have this switch set-up with mac-learrned traps, I was expecting 
PacketFence to show this up as newly discovered devices with the MAC and device 
information. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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