Hi Alex,

I had similar issues when I started to use PacketFence.  I found the following 

Ensure that DNS servers are listed in /etc/resolv.conf
The correct HOSTNAME is listed in /etc/sysconfig/network and that you use only 
IP address in the AD server address
Check the /etc/hosts file to include the PacketFence server and the AD servers 
for your domain.
       localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 
                192.168.XXX.XXX packetfenceserver.domain.local packetfenceserver
                192.168.XXX.XXX domaincontroller.domain.local domaincontroller

If you still have problems then make sure that the domain is in CAPS wherever 
you see it in the following 2 files;

And check that you have joined successfully by using;
                Chroot /chroots/Domain wbinfo –u

I had problems using the radtest (radtest dd9999 Abcd1234 localhost:18120 12 
testing123) as it kept coming back Reject, but I think that may be a false 
positive as when I tried logging users in to the system it all seems to work OK.

Hope this helps.



From: Alex Fishel [mailto:fishal...@gmail.com]
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Subject: [PacketFence-users] Can't join packetfence to domain for RADIUS

Hello all,
I upgraded the server as suggested but it hasn't seemed to make a difference 
yet.  Is there a log file that could be examined to diagnose the problem?

Alex Fishel

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