On Wed, Nov 30, Wolfgang Bauer wrote:

> But I agree, it would probably be a good idea to add it back in OBS. And I 
> just saw that you did it already anyway, I think we should add an "Obsoletes: 
> k3b-codecs too though if we don't want to split out the codecs into a 
> separate 
> package... ;-) )

Shouldnt that be Provides/Obsoletes: k3b-codecs =/< version-release?
I have not checked the lifetime of that subpackage.

> But we still only package the KDE4 based 2.0.3 currently.
> Should not matter as soon as the KF5 version is actually released, and 13.2 
> (where it would be better to use the KDE4 version) will be out of support 
> soon 
> anyway.

Once 442944 is accepted I will trigger an update for Leap and add a
_link to it in a new A-42.x-k3b pkg.

I think in the end development of k3b should take place in OBS, the
package must be rebuilt either way in packman to get mad/lame support.


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